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February 26, 2024
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Australia bows out, leaving Saudi Arabia unopposed for 2034 World Cup bid

In a surprising turn of events, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains the sole contender in the race to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup. FIFA, the renowned global governing body for soccer, confirmed on Tuesday that only Saudi Arabia had officially submitted their bid before the deadline. Previously, Australia was in contention to become the host nation for the coveted event. However, in an unexpected announcement on the same day as the deadline, Football Australia (FA) revealed its decision to withdraw. “After thorough exploration and careful deliberation of the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup, we have decided not to move forward with a bid for the 2034 competition,” stated an official FA release.

Australia bows out, leaving Saudi Arabia unopposed for 2034 World Cup bid

The departure of Australia from the bidding process has positioned Saudi Arabia as the unchallenged applicant. However, this doesn’t automatically secure the Kingdom’s status as the host. FIFA is expected to undertake a rigorous evaluation before officially designating Saudi Arabia as the 2034 World Cup host, a decision anticipated to be made next year. While the reasons for Australia’s withdrawal remain speculative, the focus now shifts to Saudi Arabia’s potential as a World Cup host. The nation has been making significant strides in sports and entertainment, aiming to position itself as a global hub.

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