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Bridging Worlds with Fibre: YOFC’s ZHUANG Dan on Pioneering Connectivity for the Intelligent Era

BARCELONA, Spain, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (“YOFC”), a global leader in fibre optic cables and comprehensive solutions, made a significant impact at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024, held on February 26th. Under the banner of “Connecting the Future with Fibre”, YOFC unveiled its latest advancements in fibre optic technology and offered insights into the evolving digital landscape. The 2024 edition of MWC Barcelona, themed “Future First”, served as a gathering point for the digital industry’s elite and disruptors to showcase their newest technologies and to debate the trajectory of our digital future. Topics of discussion ranged from the next phases of 5G, Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), the role of artificial intelligence (AI) that prioritizes the human experience, advancements in smart manufacturing, to the redefining of industry standards and the essence of our digital selves. YOFC’s participation reaffirmed its commitment to leading the charge in developing the infrastructure critical to our digital age, positioning itself at the forefront of shaping how technology connects us all.

As AI spearheads a global wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, it’s dramatically altering how we work, live, and learn, ushering us into a new age of synergistic human-machine interactions, boundary-less integration, and collaborative innovation. This intelligent era is birthing new technologies and applications, from Extended Reality (XR) commerce and glasses-free 3D visuals, to digital touch interfaces and integrated systems that blend our living spaces and modes of transport. These advancements underscore a growing need for faster internet speeds and shorter delays in data transmission. Mobile networks are now expected to deliver speeds of 10Gbps and latency in just milliseconds, with high-quality fibre optic networks becoming essential to keep everything connected. As intelligent services and applications continue to evolve, they’re pushing communication optical fibres to new limits — aiming for unprecedented capacity, minimal loss, and the lowest possible latency, ensuring that our digital infrastructure can support the next wave of innovation.

ZHUANG Dan, the Executive Director and President of YOFC, recently elaborated on the company’s response to the growing demand for high-speed, efficient, and intelligent network infrastructures. YOFC has developed and introduced the i-Fibre series, a suite of intelligent era fibre solutions boasting ultra-high capacity, minimal loss, extremely low latency, integrated sensing capabilities, and eco-friendly attributes. These innovations are poised to bolster the backbone of an evolving intelligent global infrastructure, representing a pivotal advancement for enabling the vast potential of the intelligent world.

The G.654.E fibre, a cornerstone of YOFC’s new generation trunk fibre offerings, exemplifies the series’ leading-edge features with its low non-linearity and attenuation characteristics. Capable of supporting significant bandwidth and low latency across extended distances, this fibre is tailored for advanced network infrastructures facing the escalating data transmission requirements characteristic of the digital era. The industry recognizes it as the fibre of choice for 400G, 800G, and future terabit-per-second ultra-high-speed transmission technologies. YOFC’s G.654.E fibre, already deployed across nearly 2 million core kilometers worldwide, is integral to the network infrastructures of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and State Grid, and has been successfully implemented in projects across the Philippines and Brazil. YOFC’s leadership in the fibre optics industry is further solidified by these achievements, highlighting the company’s role in shaping the networks that connect our world.

Meanwhile, YOFC remains at the forefront of optical fibre innovation, leveraging its national key laboratory for fibre optic cables to develop advanced fibres that could redefine the industry’s standards. Mr. Zhuang has identified space division multiplexing (SDM) fibres and hollow-core optical fibres, as the future of fibre technology.

SDM fibres, including multicore and few-mode fibres, have shown potential to exponentially increase communication capacity, offering a 4 to 8 times boost over traditional fibres. YOFC’s expertise in the mass production of these cutting-edge fibres, utilizing proprietary materials, production methodologies, and testing equipment, sets it apart in the industry. The company has already embarked on pilot tests in collaboration with network operators to validate these technologies’ practicality and efficiency. In a significant milestone achieved in 2023, YOFC conducted the world’s first live network trial of 4-core and 7-core fibres in partnership with China Mobile Group Design Institute and China Mobile’s subsidiary in Shandong. The trial marks a pivotal step in the engineering application and widespread adoption of multicore fibres, promising to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape with its superior capacity and performance capabilities.

YOFC’s hollow-core fibre technology replaces the traditional glass core found in fibre optics with a gas or vacuum, utilizing air to guide light. The result is a fibre capable of transmitting data at speeds 47% faster than conventional fibres, dramatically reducing latency and enhancing network performance. Such an innovation marks a milestone in the evolution of digital infrastructure, promising to revolutionize data transmission efficiency. YOFC’s capability to develop key raw materials for and produce kilometer-length hollow-core anti-resonant fibres underscores its position as a global leader in the optical fibre industry.

Since its founding in 1988, YOFC has produced and delivered over 1 billion kilometers of fibre, significantly accelerating the construction of communication networks worldwide. In recent years, the company has implemented a global strategy to broaden its international operations. Mr. Zhuang, the YOFC president, has steered the company towards deeper international engagement, using platforms like MWC to demonstrate the company’s technological advancements and its commitment to global market integration. Through its presence at such high-profile events, YOFC aims to convey its technological leadership and dedication to understanding and meeting customer needs on a global scale. The company’s efforts to deliver its cutting-edge i-Fibre technology to every corner of the planet reflect its commitment to bridging the digital divide, ensuring that the benefits of smart connectivity are accessible to all, and propelling societies into the intelligent era.

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VinZKTIkm4U

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