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Escape Motions Introducing Rebelle 7, Hyper-Realistic Painting Software With Groundbreaking Technology

PIEŠŤANY, SLOVAKIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2023 / Embark on a digital artistic journey with an award-winning painting software; Rebelle 7 by Escape Motions is now released to the public. Dive into a world of living canvas, where oils, acrylics, watercolors, and diverse tools blend seamlessly, capturing the essence of natural painting media. Advanced features like pigment color mixing, oil thickness control, watercolor diffusion, and NanoPixel technology certainly push the boundaries of realism in digital painting even further.

Rebelle 7 Painting Software
Rebelle 7 Painting Software
Unleash your artistry with hyper-realistic painting tools and groundbreaking technology

Designed for illustrators, painters, and concept artists, Rebelle allows everyone to express their creativity to the fullest. Version 7 promises to take the realism of digital painting to the next level while introducing a great package of new features.

Rebelle 7 introduces stunningly realistic metallic materials, accompanied by a metallic color palette with an exclusive brush set for painting with gold, silver, emerald, and other colorful and shiny surfaces.

Improved paper and art surfaces bring a more natural drawing and painting experience thanks to raytracing analysis using actual bumps and heights of the paper.

A variety of amazing structures, patterns, and gradients adds more in-depth possibilities for experiments with textures and styles under wet or dry paintings.

The introduction of new filter layers enables non-destructive color corrections, providing the flexibility to make adjustments to the artwork without directly modifying the original layers.

Version 7 introduces a wealth of creative possibilities with over 250 realistic brushes. The inclusion of new grunge and scumbling brushes enhances the versatility of your creative workflow. Additionally, the freshly redesigned dry tools contribute to an authentic traditional painting experience when working with pencils, charcoals, and pastels.

While being compatible with both Windows and macOS, including Apple Silicon M chips devices, Rebelle 7 from Escape Motions is the most realistic desktop digital painting software to try out in 2024.

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