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February 2, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

Fire-stricken ferry is due back in Swedish ports

It is expected that a ferry will be back in Nynashamn after a fire on the car deck temporarily knocked out its power, the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) said in a report on Wednesday. On Monday, a fire broke out in a refrigerated container near the island of Gotland as the Stena Scandia was heading from Nynashamn to Ventspils, Latvia. As of Monday afternoon, the fire had been extinguished.

Fire-stricken ferry is due back in Swedish portsThere were no injuries reported among the 241 passengers and 58 crew members aboard the flight, according to the SMA. In a statement, authorities said the ship will reach port on Tuesday mid-morning after traveling at a limited speed. As a result of the fire, the ferry began drifting towards Gotland, forcing authorities to evacuate some passengers. Fortunately, the vessel managed to restart its engines and the evacuation was called off.

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