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February 7, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

First monkeypox case has been reported in Saudi Arabia

An individual returning from outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically Riyadh, has been diagnosed with monkeypox. Reports from Saudi Press Agency (SPA) state that the Ministry of Health KSA has assured everyone that the patient is being treated thoroughly according to approved health procedures, as well as identifying those who have been in contact with the infected person, yet none of them have shown symptoms.

First monkeypox case has been reported in Saudi ArabiaMonkeypox is being monitored and followed up in full transparency. The Ministry will announce any cases as soon as they are detected, citing its readiness and ability to handle any development of the disease. During travel, the Ministry recommends following health instructions through its official channels and the Public Health Authority (Weqaya) or contacting the Center (937) in case of monkeypox.

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