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February 3, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

Foreign aid to Jordan amounts to $1.5 billion between January and July 2022

According to the Jordan Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, foreign aid (in grants and soft loans) totaled $1.5 billion from January to July of this year. Foreign assistance includes $187.5 million as grants and $1.1 million as soft loans to support the general budget and finance high priority projects in the fields of social protection, employment, economic development and infrastructure, as well as $252.5 million additional grants for the Jordan Response Plan in response to the Syrian crisis.

Foreign aid to Jordan amounts to $1.5 billion between January and July 2022In coordination with all ministries and government institutions, the ministry is also allocating foreign aid for top priority development programs and projects. About 70 percent of the foreign aid was allocated by the end of July 2022 to support the implementation of the general budget law’s programs and projects. The other programs and projects were carried out by donors and funders who were directly overseen by the ministries and institutions benefiting from them.

The ministry released official data on foreign aid, which revealed that the social protection sector accounted for 43.5%, followed by the economic development sector at 33.5%, the employment sector at 8.7%, the infrastructure sector at 7.6%, and agriculture and food security at 2.5 percent, with the remaining amount distributed among the other sectors.

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