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Huawei Unveils 2024’s Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei held a global release centered on the top 10 FusionSolar trends for 2024. The theme was “Continuous Innovation, High-Quality Development, Accelerating PV to Become the Main Energy Source.” At the event, Hao Yingtao, Vice President and CMO of Smart PV & ESS Business at Huawei Digital Power, comprehensively analyzed future trends. The analysis focused on one core trend, five key features, and four fundamental technologies, providing invaluable insights into the high-quality development of the PV industry. His presentation concluded with the release of the white paper.

Huawei Unveils 2024's Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

Hao Yingtao pointed out that carbon neutrality is gaining momentum globally, and the PV and energy storage industry is flourishing. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the installed PV capacity is projected to reach 5,200 GW by 2030 and 14,000 GW by 2050, with renewable energy accounting for over 90% of the total power capacity and PV playing a dominant role. As renewable energy, particularly PV energy, continues to penetrate the market, the industry faces significant challenges in grid-connection, operation, safety etc. Opportunities and challenges always coexist. Huawei is glad to share the top 10 trends for high-quality PV development.

Trend 1: PV & ESS is Becoming Stable Power

As prices of PV & ESS continues to decline and new technologies boosting, the PV & ESS system already became stable power, and will be the primary power in next three years.

Huawei Unveils 2024's Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

Trend 2: Tens of Millions of Power Plants Management

The number of power plants increases exponentially, and the efficient and intelligent scheduling of power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption will become a key requirement.

Trend 3: Full-lifecycle Intelligence

Power plant management shifts from maintenance to operation. Intelligent technology will significantly improve the benefits of planning, construction, maintenance, and operation.

Huawei Unveils 2024's Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

Trend 4: Grid Forming in All-scenarios

The Grid Forming technology has been applied in some commercial scenarios successfully. It will rapidly be expanded to all scenarios in the future, which could enhance the grid and promote the large-scale renewable energy feed-in.

Huawei Unveils 2024's Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

Trend 5: Four-dimensional Security

Safety demands have evolved from mere equipment safety to a four-dimensional holistic safety to ensure the new power system’s long-term reliability.

Trend 6: Cell to Grid ESS Safety

The large-scale application of BESS and the upgrade of safety standards require energy storage system to realize the capability of safety from cell level to grid level.

Trend 7: MLPE & CLPE

The need for refined management has incentivized the large-scale commercialization of module-level power electronics (MLPE) and further influences the energy storage industry, leading to cell-level power electronics (CLPE). MLPE and CLPE have become new requirements for distributed PV plants.

Huawei Unveils 2024's Top 10 FusionSolar Trends to Propel PV as a Main Energy Source

Trend 8: High Voltage and Reliability

High voltage reduces LCOE of the PV and ESS system, and high reliability improves high availability and achieves ultimate security.

Trend 9: High Frequency High Energy Density

The energy density of Inverters continues to improve through the application of third-generation semiconductors and digital technology.

Trend 10: High Power Quality

Promote the large-scale application of PV and ESS in the entire industry by continuously improving power quality.

Innovation and quality are crucial for the PV industry. Huawei FusionSolar will continue to increase investment in R&D, focus on the innovative integration of watt, bit, heat, and battery (4T) technologies, and align with customer business requirements. The company expects to build reliable and high-quality products and solutions to accelerate the development of the PV industry through technological innovation. Huawei FusionSolar will collaborate with global customers and partners to promote high-quality industry development, enabling green PV as a major energy source for every home and business and building a better, greener future.

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