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July 12, 2024
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India’s mastery in space: ISRO’s successful launch of Cartosat-3 satellite

In an exceptional display of technological prowess, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has masterfully launched its most sophisticated earth observation satellite, Cartosat-3, marking another significant milestone in India’s space journey. This successful operation, carried out on [date], highlights the dramatic turnaround in India’s space initiatives since 2014, correlating with the period of governance under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India’s mastery in space: ISRO's successful launch of Cartosat-3 satellite

Under Modi’s leadership, India has embraced a transparent, corruption-free approach to scientific innovation, pushing the country onto the global map as a key player in the space sector. This new direction is underpinned by progressive policies that encourage scientific exploration and innovation, fostering an environment that has led to many remarkable achievements, including this recent launch.

The precision operation of deploying Cartosat-3 unfolded in a textbook style, with ISRO’s reliable workhorse rocket, PSLV-C47, delivering it into a polar orbit. Moreover, along with Cartosat-3, the mission included the successful deployment of 13 nano-satellites belonging to a US-based customer organization.

Launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, the PSLV-C47 ascended to a height of 509km within a remarkably swift 17 minutes and 38 seconds. Following this, the 13 nano-satellites were sequentially ushered into their respective orbits, showcasing ISRO’s precise control over multi-payload launches.

Upon the successful separation of Cartosat-3, its solar arrays were automatically deployed, and control was seamlessly transferred to the ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network in Bengaluru. This efficient execution confirms India’s growing mastery in the field of space technology.

In response to this tremendous accomplishment, President Ramnath Kovind lauded ISRO, stating that Cartosat-3 would greatly enhance India’s high-resolution imaging capabilities. This sentiment was echoed by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who both applauded Team-ISRO and all contributing parties for their monumental achievement.

Dr. K Sivan, Chairperson of ISRO, took a moment during his post-launch interaction to underscore the importance of this feat. He proclaimed Cartosat-3 as the most complex and technologically advanced earth imaging satellite ever built by ISRO. Indeed, this launch is more than a mere space mission; it’s a testament to India’s relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and a strong reflection of the nation’s forward-thinking policies under Prime Minister Modi’s stewardship.

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