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Midea RAC Unveils IcyBlast Split AC at Big 5 Construct Saudi, Delivering Fast Cooling Experience

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Midea, a leading global provider of air conditioning solutions, introduced its new product, the Midea IcyBlast Split AC, at the Big 5 Construct Saudi event in Riyadh, which took place from February 26-29. Specifically creating the product for consumers in the Middle East, the Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division (Midea RAC) is dedicated to bringing upgraded comfort to consumers in the region and beyond.

In the sweltering heat of the Middle East, where the sun blazes down relentlessly, the need for a powerful, efficient, and convenient cooling solution is paramount. Recognizing this, Midea RAC has ingeniously crafted a range of products tailored to meet the distinct needs of its customers in this region. The latest addition to this innovative lineup is the IcyBlast Split AC.

Imagine a spacious living room or a large bedroom, where the heat seems to linger in every corner. Midea’s IcyBlast Split AC, with its 180° Spinning Wind feature, breaks the limitations of traditional air supply angles. It ensures that every corner of the room is cooled evenly and quickly, providing a comfortable environment for everyone, no matter where they are seated.

Furthermore, Midea’s Inverter Quattro™ technology ensures that 80% of the cooling capacity is output even under extremely high temperatures, providing a stable and reliable cooling experience. This is particularly important in the Middle East, where temperatures can soar to extreme highs. Additionally, the product’s Bézier Curve Air Outlet design ensures a low resistance of wind, resulting in a quieter operation, allowing users to enjoy a cool, comfortable environment without the distraction of noise.

Energy efficiency is a key concern for most Middle Eastern customers, with 31% of them indicating a desire for a more energy-efficient air conditioning system, according to consumer research conducted by Midea RAC in the region. The IcyBlast Split AC’s One-click iECO feature addresses this need perfectly. Equipped with a heat load energy-saving model and radar sensor, the iECO mode enables the product to intelligently detects room occupancy. If unoccupied, it automatically switches to energy-saving mode, optimizing energy use and significantly reducing electricity bills.

With a particular focus on convenience, Midea RAC is committed to developing products that cater to consumers’ needs. One such innovation is the SmartHome APP Control, which allows users to remotely control their air conditioning from a distance of up to 15km. This feature enables users to activate their cooling system before they arrive home, ensuring a comfortable environment awaits them. Additionally, it allows users to turn off their air conditioner if they forget to do so after leaving, thus preventing unnecessary power consumption. For users in areas where power shortages are common, such as Iraq, the app includes an Auto Gear mode for easy switching to generator mode.

Maintenance and troubleshooting are made easy with the IcyBlast Split AC’s self-diagnosis feature. No more waiting for after-sales service; the app will alert the users to any malfunctions, saving their time and hassle.

As a senior expert in the air conditioning sector, Midea RAC’s air conditioning products are not just products, they are solutions designed to meet the unique needs of users in different regions. For users in the Middle East, where strong cooling, energy saving and convenient control are their main concern, Midea RAC has responded with the IcyBlast Split AC, which offers powerful and even cooling, energy efficiency, and convenient control, all wrapped up in a sleek and stylish design.

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