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February 3, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

Philippines landslides, flooding claim 28 lives – authorities

According to authorities, at least 28 people have died in landslides and flooding in the central and southern Philippines following heavy rain and disruption in travel ahead of Easter. Tropical storm Megi pounded the disaster-prone region on Sunday as more than 13,000 people sought shelter in emergency shelters, the National Disaster Agency said. The storm submerged houses, flooded fields, cut off roads, and knocked out electricity.

Philippines landslides, flooding claim 28 lives - authoritiesThis year, Megi is the first storm to hit the archipelago, which averages 20 storms per year. The central province of Leyte was the hardest hit, with landslides leading to the deaths of 21 people in four villages. According to the national disaster agency, three more people died on Mindanao, the main southern island. The state weather bureau predicts that tropical storm Megi will weaken to 45km per hour on Tuesday and move back out to sea.

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