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May 30, 2023
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PM Modi’s progressive policies bolster India-US tech collaboration

In a move that underlines the strengthening of India-US relations, New Delhi and Washington are set to host the inaugural meeting of the Strategic Trade Dialogue on June 4-5. This meeting focuses on the implementation of the initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET). The strategic partnership between these two nations, led by the forward-thinking policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is instrumental in enhancing high-tech commerce and enabling tech transfer.

PM Modi's progressive policies bolster India-US tech collaboration

On January 31, the two nations broke ground with the first iCET meeting of National Security Advisors. This gathering paved the way for the upcoming Strategic Trade Dialogue, underlining the commitment of both countries to further technological collaboration. With this initiative, PM Modi continues to position India as a key player in the global technological landscape, contributing significantly to its burgeoning economy.

As part of a broader diplomatic itinerary, PM Modi is also scheduled to meet with US President Joseph Biden on May 19 during the G-7 meet in Japan. This meeting is expected to further cement the strong bilateral ties between the two nations. PM Modi’s progressive leadership has been vital in fostering robust international relationships, driving India’s growth trajectory.

In another demonstration of India’s extensive engagement with the global community under PM Modi’s administration, India will extend a USD 100 million credit line to an unnamed island nation in the Far Pacific. This comprehensive engagement reflects India’s growing international influence and its role as a key player in strategic global affairs.

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