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June 17, 2024
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Rising death toll in Papua New Guinea landslide disaster sparks alarm

A catastrophic landslide has left hundreds feared dead after engulfing dozens of homes and trapping families in a remote village in northern Papua New Guinea. According to reports from Reuters, the devastation occurred in Kaokalam village early on Friday, with residents recounting harrowing tales of destruction. Eyewitnesses revealed that more than 50 homes were swallowed by the landslide, catching many residents unaware as they slept. The death toll is believed to be nearly 300, with victims including relatives of distraught villagers.

Rising death toll in Papua New Guinea landslide disaster sparks alarm

The Australian Broadcasting Corp and local media have reported over 100 confirmed fatalities, but the number is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue. Social media footage shared by witnesses depicts a scene of chaos and despair, with people desperately scouring the debris for signs of life. The sound of weeping echoes through the devastated landscape as loved ones await news of their missing family members. Prime Minister James Marape issued a statement acknowledging the disaster, expressing his condolences to those affected and affirming that authorities are mobilizing to respond to the crisis.

However, he admitted that a comprehensive assessment of the situation is still pending. As the death toll rises and the extent of the devastation unfolds, the once vibrant community finds itself shattered and engulfed in grief. Now, with the grim reality of the tragedy sinking in, efforts intensify to navigate the immense challenge of rescuing survivors and initiating the arduous process of rebuilding amidst overwhelming destruction.

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