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January 28, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

Six million Afghans face famine due to growing crises, warns UN

As the economic situation in Afghanistan is deepening, and six million people are at risk of famine, the United Nations chief of humanitarian affairs has urged donors to restore funding for economic development and provide $770 million to help Afghans get through the winter months. In an address to the United Nations Security Council, Martin Griffiths told the Security Council that Afghanistan faces multiple crises at the moment. These include humanitarian, financial, climate, hunger, and financial crises.

Six million Afghans face famine due to growing crises, warns UNConflict, poverty, climate shocks, and food insecurity have long been a sad reality in Afghanistan, but the halt to large-scale development aid since the Taliban took control a year ago has made the situation so critical. According to Griffiths, nearly half of Afghans – about 24 million people – need assistance, and nearly 19 million face acute food shortages. Because of the winter weather, fuel prices and food prices will skyrocket, making the figures even worse.

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