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The FEELM 2.0 Ushers in the New Generation of Disposable 2.0

LONDON, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Smoore International revealed its FEELM 2.0, the first-ever disposable vape to offer more than 1,000 puffs in 2mL. A leading testing laboratory, Inter Scientific, tested its products and verified the authenticity of the claims.

FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Double the Joy

David Lawson, CEO of Inter Scientific, mentioned: “Innovation around regulatory requirements can be particularly difficult but SMOORE have achieved a great improvement in ENDS technology efficiency with 1000 puffs, producing the consumer with a legal and better-value proposition”

John Dunne, Director General at UKVIA highlighted the significance of evolving disposables through innovation, consistent quality manufacturing.

Discovering Consumers Demand with Long-Lasting and Cost-Effectiveness

Disposable vapes have been recognised as playing a major role in the decline of smoking for the last two years in Great Britain, pushing smoking rate to lowest levels on record. With the UK’s 2mL e-liquid volume regulation limit, 600 puffs have been the industry benchmark for much of its time.

However, since February of this year, multiple mainstream media outlets have turned their attention to the issue of over-filling, where consumer demand for more economical products and value has put unique pressure on vape makers to sneak in more e-liquid than the 2mL legal limit. This not only raised concerns amongst the industry, regulators, and the public but also highlighted a deep-seated consumer demand for longer-lasting, cost-effective vaping options.

To better understand how to fulfil the needs of vapers and smokers, SMOORE conducted detailed surveys and focus groups in the UK.

The UK Business Director at SMOORE, Thalia Cheng explains: “There is an evident demand for increased puff counts and consistency in taste, especially at a time when the rising cost of living is a constant concern. FEELM 2.0 is our disposable vape solution with the call sign ‘Double the puff, double the joy.’ Based on Consumer Intelligence data, we estimate it can save consumers around £900 annually compared to using standard disposables.”

Taking Disposable 2.0 of Thousand-Puff with Technological Innovation

“To meet consumers’ demands, the industry has the responsibility in investing in innovative new technologies and more efficient product design. This is an area in which SMOORE is setting the pace with the launch of its newly developed FEELM 2.0.”

Zhang, highlighted that the FEELM 2.0 also heightens the actual vaping experience through enhanced vaping consistency and improved e-liquid utilization.

He said: “Our highly focused research had helped us develop new atomisation material and technology that can boost puff count and enhance vapour consistency, offering a better vaping experience for consumers. Inter Scientific’s testing found a mere 3.0% variation in vapour produced, ensuring a stable flavour profile from the first puff to the last. Furthermore, with an outstanding e-liquid utilization rate of 77%, we not only significantly surpass the industry average but also maximize puff count and minimize e-liquid wastage.”

Inter Scientific’s testing has confirmed that FEELM 2.0 shows marked improvements in both e-liquid utilization and vapour consistency when compared to industry standards. The enhanced e-liquid utilization effectively increases the number of puffs, while the reduced vapour variation ensures a more consistent experience, minimizing differences with each puff.

(The Inter Scientific testing report provided by Smoore)

David Lawson, CEO of Inter Scientific, mentioned: “SMOORE’s FEELM 2.0 technology provides consistent uniformity of e-liquid aerosolisation over the device life and complies with TRPR 2016 requirements of a tank volume limit of 2mL. Testing has demonstrated that this device can exceed 1000 puffs.

Innovation around regulatory requirements can be particularly difficult but FEELM 2.0 have achieved a great improvement in ENDS technology efficiency with 1000 puff, producing the consumer with a legal and better-value proposition”

John Dunne highlighted the significance of evolving disposables through innovation, consistent quality manufacturing such as a uniform 2mL e-liquid volume, improved sustainability, and designs that appeal solely to adult consumers, emphasizing that these advancements will propel the development of disposable e-cigarettes.

“Such progress is essential for making disposables more available and inviting to adult smokers from varied backgrounds, simplifying their transition to vaping as a means to cease smoking. The notable decline in smoking rates in Great Britain can be in part attributed to the ease of use, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of disposables. Continuing to develop these aspects is key to convincing government bodies of the vital role disposables can play in achieving a smoke-free future.”

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