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TÜYAP will host the Carpet and Flooring Expo 2023

Around 400 companies will converge in Istanbul for Carpet and Flooring Expo 2023. This event, taking place from 5-8 December, will open new market avenues for these companies. Türkiye, a nation responsible for crafting 40% of the world’s carpets, is playing host to this prestigious event.

MENA Newswire: Dubai Türkiye, a key player in the global carpet industry, is gearing up to host the Carpet and Flooring Expo (CFE 2023) in Istanbul. This pivotal event, orchestrated by TÜYAP – the country’s foremost exhibition organiser – in partnership with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association and Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters’ Association, will take place at the Istanbul Expo Centre from 5-8 December. The Expo, expected to attract around 400 companies from across the globe, will showcase an extensive array of products, providing an invaluable opportunity for manufacturers to tap into new markets.

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Türkiye has a 40% market share of global carpet production

İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of TÜYAP Fairs Productions Inc., highlights Türkiye’s significant role in the global carpet trade, stating, “Türkiye currently accounts for 17% of the world’s carpet trade volume. Through CFE 2023, we aim to foster new agreements, boosting our export volume to 25%.”

The global carpet market, valued at USD 64.99 billion in 2022, is anticipated to soar to USD 97.41 billion within a decade. Türkiye, producing nearly half of the world’s carpets, is a pivotal player in these global gatherings.

400 companies expected to participate in CFE 2023

Ersözlü stated, “Currently, our fair features nearly 400 participants, with 75% from Türkiye and 25% being international stakeholders. We’ve seen substantial interest from manufacturers in countries including Iran, China, England, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Indonesia, Morocco, Ukraine, Egypt, and Jordan. Our goal is to host one of the largest fairs in this sector.”

He added, “The fair will display a spectrum of products, from traditional to contemporary designs. Registered visitors from 81 countries will have four days to explore these offerings. Additionally, we’ll host discussions and workshops on future trends, designs, colours, and recycling.

Li Edelkoort, a renowned trend forecaster, will be present to deliver a talk titled ‘2025 Interior Trend and Colour Forecasts’ on 6 December at 16.00. This event will be an enormous source of inspiration for professionals in the carpet industry as well as designers, decorators, and architects.”

Contact: Gokce Ece Oksay, gokce.ece@unite.com.tr

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