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June 7, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

UAE program to promote quality of life fully endorsed by World Health Assembly

At the 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA) held in Geneva from 21st to 28th May, 2022, the UAE was unanimously approved of a draft resolution they submitted. World Health Organization (WHO)-affiliated WHA approved the first draft resolution of its kind that focuses on improving the quality of life. The UAE has truly become an active and influential country, with increased global strategic clout, as demonstrated by this historic achievement.

UAE program to promote quality of life fully endorsed by World Health AssemblyDelegates representing all WHO regions attended the meeting and endorsed the resolution. Participating nations congratulated the UAE and its leadership for successfully drafting and negotiating a consensus formula with stakeholders to come up with the first resolution of its kind. With this new milestone, the UAE is showing its commitment to raising the living standards of its people and making it the happiest nation on earth. UAE’s experience in this area will be shared with the world through the resolution.

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