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October 3, 2023
Egypt Bulletin

Vietnam joins global efforts to protect the blue ocean

Vietnam joins international efforts to protect the blue ocean on World Ocean Day 2022, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported. The theme for this year’s Ocean Day is Revitalization – Collective Action for the Ocean, which focuses on the importance of coordinating activities between nations and organizations to restore the degraded marine ecosystem and preserve the marine environment for sustainable development.

Vietnam joins global efforts to protect the blue oceanVietnam is one of the 12 biodiversity centers and one of 16 countries with the most biodiversity in the world, including rare and precious genetic resources. However, the nation faces degradation in biodiversity along with other significant challenges. This requires more awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and ensuring a harmonious relationship between man and nature.

The Government of Vietnam approved in May 2020 Decision No. 647/QD-TTg on a project for international cooperation on the sustainable development of marine economies in Vietnam. The project emphasizes the need for international collaboration on developing the marine economy in a sustainable way, consistently implementing the foreign policy goals of autonomy, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation, diversification, and multilateralism; as well as protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Vietnamese people.

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