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Wisdom Leads a Quality Life, And AI Technology Makes Family Life More Convenient

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Returning home from work, as you open the door, the curtains gently shield against the dusk, and a warm light gradually illuminates, accompanied by a friendly greeting, “Welcome home.” You close the door, leaving the day’s fatigue behind as your favorite song starts playing through the speakers… As technology evolves, smart home assistants bring more convenient, personalized, and enjoyable home experiences. Appliances can be remotely controlled, voice interactions allow for easy adjustments, and personalized home modes can be switched with a click. Life moves beyond the clutter of remote controls and switches, thanks to smart home products. According to Statista data, the global smart home market penetration rate will grow to 33.2% by 2028, doubling the rate of 2023. “Home” will become an important stronghold where AI technology benefits personal life.

At MWC 2024, iFLYTEK, a well-known listed company in intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technologies, unveiled its new smart living assistant—Smart Voice Panel. Utilizing AI technology, it achieves integrated control, free conversation, scene adaptation, and security protection, breaking through the industry’s inherent limitations of poor operability and significant security risks. Together with partners in the real estate and home furnishing industries, iFLYTEK is creating a new experience of comfortable quality home living.

Integrating Intelligence, One Screen Manages the Space: Smart Voice Panel Collaborates with Real Estate and Home Furnishing Partners. Through pre-installation of the smart system, Smart Voice Panel breaks the fragmentation brought by retrofitting smart screens and aggregating smart home devices. After pre-installation, all electrical appliances and switches within the home space can be controlled via a mobile app, freeing users from the need to operate switches or search for remote controls, achieving true “whole-house intelligence.” Additionally, the app also enables users to control the home state and view the situation at home from afar, realizing remote management.

Free Conversation, Immersive Interaction Anytime, Anywhere: Beyond app control, Smart Voice Panel leverages iFLYTEK’s global leadership in intelligent voice technology to enable “free conversation” between users and their homes. Unlike the fixed “commands” of traditional voice activation, with iFLYTEK’s advanced large model capabilities, Smart Voice Panel adapts to various language expressions of users. Users can engage in multi-round dialogues with “home” to adjust home settings or inquire about various aspects of family life. Furthermore, leveraging iFLYTEK’s whole-house distributed sensing and far-field pickup technology, users can converse from any corner of the home, overcoming the limitations of traditional products that only support dialogue from specific locations.

Scene Adaptation, One-Click State Switching: Smart Voice Panel comes with built-in scene modes such as returning home, leaving home, and romantic, adjusting multiple product states like air conditioning, curtains, fresh air systems, underfloor heating, and audio systems to accommodate users’ diverse lifestyle needs. With the “free speech” function, users can express their home state requirements, and Smart Voice Panel will control the home products to the appropriate state, fulfilling users’ various personalized lifestyle needs.

Security Protection, Offline and Online Integrated Privacy Guard: Smart Voice Panel supports an offline mode, enabling various smart functionalities even without internet connectivity, effectively preventing the leakage of user privacy data from the source. This enhances the users’ sense of security, creating a safe and reliable smart home experience.

iFLYTEK has collaborated with multiple real estate companies to apply Smart Voice Panel and systems within communities, setting industry benchmarks with several successful cases. In the future, it will gradually expand to regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is believed that intelligent living solutions represented by Smart Voice Panel will become the common choice of more global partners.

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